I figured a diary would be too girly, and besides you can't link stuff in a book. I'm a music student and drummer of six years in a band, sorry for any self-promotion (www.facebook.com/thisisnotanexitmusic)

I also write beat poetry, plenty is old but I'm still writing when I have the time.

Other than that I swear i'm normal. This is my first blog, if this description is too much or not cool enough for you, then you've probably been on this site for too long.

I'm Phill, born in the sweet summer of '93, and cheesecake is my preference on pudding.

Yup, It’s the End of the Course

Sorry I haven’t updated my pitifully tiny following of people here, but like everyone else I’ve been busy.

Dickload of assignments to hand in, why am I even up this late?

As a band we’ve just sorted out business cards and EP artwork, we’re also doing a photoshoot on discount with Danny Sambuca (including a live shoot.)

Played in Cottenham and central Cambridge last week, we won a day in the recording studio and a magazine review with Repeat.

We’re playing at Buzz weekend in the Corner House this weekend, at about 1 in the afternoon. Bottles of beer for a quid whut?

23rd in the Portland arms, 28th in the Corner House again. Hopefully Club Revolution in Peterborough between the 3rd and 23rd. 

That’s all for now, EP will be out so so soon, for now check our shizzang out on facebook.com/thisisnotanexitmusic


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This Is Not An Exit

Hearts and Lungs

Sneak preview of my band’s upcoming EP, not the mastered version but don’t bother infringing on us because we’re copyrighted like a bitch :P

Check out another demo on www.facebook.com/thisisnotanexitmusic — remember to like us so we seem popular to all the internet nerds like me :B

If you’re in Cambridge we’re playing in the Haymakers on the 23rd of June, and the all day BotB festival in Cottenham (just outside of Cambridge) on the 25th. We’re also playing in the Corner House on the 3rd of July. (Possibly playing on the 17th in St.Neots under Dirty Kirst in the Snooker Club by the Priory Centre)

Ciao for now tumblrpeeps :)

Also it won’t let me resize the picture properly, so there’s my arm and a bit of Beth as well as half our name Xd

Strawberry Unfair

Well, more like Police-State Fair. No more than 4 beers a person, because 4 beers is going to get anyone (other than Kirk, lighty) drunk. White boy Reggae band was alright, the blues band made me wish the police didn’t let me in. After a nice trip in Ross’ boot back to st.neots and some beer, everything was back to normal. I R Disappoint.

Strawberry Fair

Well, after Cambridge’s failure to put on one of the only free festival type events due to police being unhappy with the decades of crime including drugs, violence and vandalism - we have it back! I don’t know what to expect, but I’m definitely not leaving sober.

Hoping the bands will be good, there’s several tents with various genres. Ooh and lots of stalls selling gimmicky and interesting crap.

This validates anything stupid I do tomorrow is not my fault, naughty police for letting the Fair be on this year.

I’ll Only Say This Once

Just another English Summer
Time to reflect on one another
It’s a musical call and response
I hope you’re listening as I’ll only say this once

Just because you know me doesn’t mean you know how I feel
And if I tell you I hope you’re more grateful than the last pair of ears

So why don’t you take a chance on the weather?
Your decision hangs at the end of my tether
But hey, I’ll wait in my four walls
Hoping that one day you’ll respond to my calls

Blind (not the skateboard company)

So she gave me a song that sprouted inspiration
I hope one day too my words will touch the nation
I listen and learn from all who wear medals of respect
And to all my equals I hope you also know and detect
That I give what I can and take in turn
And so the paste of friendship will begin to churn

Now I’ve made many a mistake so take me no saint
My stupidity has caused a high fervidity
It boils and burns until it makes me feel faint
I hope my tombstone of previous self is garnished with floridity

Now you guys all know me so take the time to realise
There’s a new source of inspiration but to what demise?
I can’t see a limit, no sir no limitation
I’ve never felt this before it brings excitement and frustration
Like drinking from a spring too pure you swallow with such delight
Though at the same time you feel unworthy, making your chest feel tight

But a wise man told me to only worry about what you can change
And to the rest just bite your lip and say “fuck it”
In such a meaningful manner he said, I told you I was learning
No, excuse my childishness I’m not trying to make a point
I just hope you guys all have a clue what you’re doing and if you do
Then please enlighten me, or is this the blind leading the blind?


William & Friend: St. James’s Park (by curry15)

Hey Big Bird!


William & Friend: St. James’s Park (by curry15)

Hey Big Bird!


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